In November 2008 the first European Congress for Integrative Medicine in conjunction with the first German Congress for Integrative Medicine took place under the motto “The Future of Comprehensive Patient Care” in Berlin.

The annual ECIM congress offers an innovative platform for medical practitioners and healthcare professionals as well as scientists, sponsors, and health politicians. The aim is to actively influence the development of the best possible health care which combines safe and effective conventional Western medicine with complementary medicine methods of treatment such as naturopathy, osteopathy, and acupuncture. The topics of the congress are characterised by the interdisciplinary cooperation which reach beyond the traditional approaches of medicine.

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    Past congresses

    • ECIM 2008 in Berlin, Germany
    • ECIM 2009 in Berlin, Germany
    • ECIM 2010 in Berlin, Germany
    • ECIM 2011 in Berlin, Germany
    • ECIM 2012 Florence, Italy
    • ECIM 2013 Berlin, Germany
    • ECIM 2014 Belgrade, Serbia
    • ECIM 2015 Copenhagen, Denmark
    • ECIM 2016 Budapest, Hungary
    • WCIMH 2017 Berlin, Germany (joint ISCMR/ECIM congress)
    • ECIM 2018 Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 21-23
    • ECIM 2019 Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain, September 13-15