ESIM Award

Excellence in Integrative Medicine Research Award

Since 2012 the European Society of Integrative Medicine (ESIM) offers this new and innovative award, generously supported by Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH, Baden-Baden, Germany. This international prize recognizes innovative and excellent scientific projects in the field of integrative medicine (interaction of conventional and complementary medicine based on evidence based results, including its bio-regulatory aspects). Two different categories will be rewarded with 10.000 Euro each: one focusing on basic research, and the other focusing on clinical research.

ESIM prize winners were:



Clinical research prize:

Prof Daniel E. Furst

Prof Peter Kooreman, PhD, MA
Prof Erik W. Baars

Basic research prize:

Prof Purusotam Basnet, PhD, MSc



Clinical research prize:

Dr Holger Cramer

Dr Arvind Chopra

Basic research prize:

Dr Carsten Gründemann

Basic methodological prize:

Andrew J. Vickers, DPhil



Clinical research prize:

Hugh MacPherson, PhD

Prof Benno Brinkhaus

Basic research prize:

Dr Michael R. Irwin

Basic research/public health:

Tobias Sundberg, PhD


Clincal research prize:

Prof Fan Qu

Johanna Hök/ Maria Arman
Basis research prize: Dr Jeanne Drisko
Acknowledgement: Tobias Sundberg, PhD
Clincal research prize: Christine Wade, MPH
Prof Chenchen Wang
Basis research prize: Petra Bäumler, MSc/Dr Dominik Irnich
Dr Anthony Booker
Acknowledgement: Dr Sunita Vohra


Clincal research prize: Dr Elad Schiff
Basis research prize: Elvis O. Ameyaw


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